Selena Gomez is loving life

Selena Gomez deserves to be crowned the queen of instragram in 2016, why so? The 24 years actress and singer just emerged to have most likes on her photos in instargram beating other celebrities like Kardashian West. Selena’s photo with cocacola topping with the most likes I think she deserve the crown.

Well will she hold on to the position of celebrity with most like on instagram or will she be displaced by the likes of Kardashian West? Well let’s wait and see 2017.This may be to suprise, Selena Gomez just loved the mashup video pulled by a fun, the carpool karaoke of her singing with Justin Bieber.

Selena says she love it even though the two will never be together.During Christmas eve, celebrity tend to get together with their family. well to the 24 years, Selena Gomez decided to pop out to the public in Texas and pay the Cook children’s medical center a visit. This may sound awesome and shows how Selena Gomez do care about the well being of others.

She went a head and spend time with children and even decorated cookies. Selena Gomez is showing love back to community.Selena Gomez must be one of the successful celebrity in 2016 from leading a good moral life well let’s wait and see if Selena Gomez hold on and keep the fire burning.

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